Bosco Beats 2017

New Delhi, Alaknanda, Dec. 6, 2017: With their guitars tuned, harmonies synched and vocal cords fired, about 60 odd students entered the school on 6th December 2017 with frenzied nerves. After hours of practice and a month in making, that day, was their day. Frantic attempts at securing the music room were made when it was announced that fate awaited them in the last few periods.

Bosco Beats 2017 was kicked off amidst loud cheer from the audience by the hosts of the event, Vinayak and Sunandan. Participants were judged by an esteemed panel consisting of Fr Bhushan, Fr Norbert, Ma’am Madhurima, Ma’am Suparna and Ma’am Geetali.

The competition began with the performance of the members of the Blue House, who put forth a medley of songs. The calming Blue was well received by the audience. Following them was the Yellow House, which presented a mash up. Their brilliant strumming and soothing harmonies left the audience stunned. The freshness of the unique mashup lifted everyone’s spirits.

Appreciation and applause was received not only by the singers, but by other students as well. The Principal, Rev. Fr. Babu awarded the ‘Star Handwriter’ badges to students from classes 6-12 for their exceptional handwriting skills. These badges motivated other students to improve their handwriting and strive to earn their own badge the next time.

Continuing the competitive spirit post the intermission was the Green House. Their rendition of Bollywood classics ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ and ‘Humma Humma’ attracted the loudest applause by the audience. Such was the power of their voices that the audience couldn’t help but join them in singing. Rounding off the show were members of the Red House, who presented the Bollywood hit ‘Chal Rahi’. The fierceness showcased by their red shirts was an apt portrayal of their vocal might. Their notes got the audience grooving till the end.

But the end of the performances didn’t mean an end to the musical fervor. A sensational solo performance by the young doyen Arijit, accompanied by Hardik on the keys, left the audience asking for more. The audience did receive something, albeit in the form of results. Backed by their swaying harmonies, the Yellow House secured the third place. The second place was bagged by the fiery Red House while the top honor was won by crowd favorites Green House. Also given at the event were some special prizes. Rachit Bose was adjudged the best guitarist while Robin Bhattacharya was awarded as the best drummer. Nitin Bisht was awarded for his exceptional leadership skills. Best vocals went to Aaromal Rajendrababu.

As the event ended and students dispersed and headed home, they took with them a renewed passion for music and admiration and awe for the wonderful musicians.

Vinayak Buckshee