Diocese of Gumla
St. John Bosco - 2000

Historical Perspective
Don Bosco (co-ed English Medium), Gumla was blessed and inaugurated on 1st November 2000. The mission of this centre comprises a Co-educational English Medium School with boarding for boys and girls, a Mass Centre, with socio-personal development of women and children of the area. The Charles Borrromeo sisters run  Monterssori classes and development programmes for the local women and children. 

Don Bosco School  
It was a commitment that the province made at its inception, in response to the invitation of the Bishop to the Salesians to start an English Medium school in Gumla. He wanted that we also organize eventually a youth centre to take care of the youth of the neighbourhood. 
There was already a plot of land in Gumla, which was available for the school. The initial works with regard to the land and the building of the compound wall were carried out by Fr. Joseph Varappilly (V.P) and Fr. John Kakkuzhy (K.J.). They used to come from Kereng periodically to supervise the work. After that, Fr. Jose Koorappallil (Jose Mathew), busy as he was with his duties as Assistant Parish Priest and in-charge of CCF at Kereng, generously accepted the responsibility of supervising the building work at Gumla. 
The Solemn Blessing and Inauguration of the Don Bosco (Co-educational, English Medium) school took place on 1st November 2000. It was blessed by Bishop Michael Minj of Gumla and inaugurated by Fr. K.A. Joseph, the Provincial. Since, the building of the boarding was completed first, the classes began there. The foundation stone for the new school building was laid on 8th December 2002. The sprawling new school building is complete now and the classes are being held there. The High School with  its labs, library etc was completed in 2010 and affiliation was granted by the ICSE Council for three years.

Within a short period of time, Don has made a name for itself. At present there are 750 students, mostly belonging to lower middle class of society. 
The Hostel came into existence in 2006 with 48 students. The number has increased now up to 80. Sisters are running a separate hostel for girls. 

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Salesian Staff

P Anthony Muthu T.Selvan APr, H. Wdn, Cs
P Rayappan David VR, Admin
P Soy Vijay Rector (2014), Principal
S Dhanmasih Kujur A & T (PT3)
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P Bara Liberatus I C & PP, Cs
P Kujur Sikander APP, Admin

 Don Bosco School 
Bosco Nagar, Bhamni
P. B. No. 10, 
Gumla P.O.
Jharkhand 835 207
Community Activity
Don Bosco
Okhla, Jamia Nagar P.O.
P. B. 9705
New Delhi 110025, India

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