Historical Perspective

Don Bosco Jharsuguda was blessed on 16th April 1997 by Bishop Lucas Kerketta of Sambalpur and inaugurated by the Provincial, Fr. K.A. Joseph, in the presence of all the leaders of our communities who were gathered at Jharsuguda for discernment and planning for the new province. The building is a result of the hard work of Fr. Thomas Anjilikuzhiyil (A.U) and Fr. Dino Colussi, who pioneered the work and saw to the construction of the building. It was begun as a centre for school dropouts to complete their studies. But for various reasons the project could not be materialized. So, with the permission of the Bishop, we turned it into an aspirantate. On 16th July 2000, Fr. Mathai, the Vice-Provincial, inaugurated the new aspirantate. There were 23 boys in the first batch. From 6th of June, 2002, it is the Pre-Novitiate house of the Province. The house was canonically erected on 4 June 2003.
In view of the decision to make it into the pre-novitiate house of the province, one more floor was added to the existing building. It was completed by June 2002. The first batch of the pre-novices to be formed in our province began their pre-novitiate on 6th June 2002. The new floor was blessed on the same day by Fr. K. A. Joseph, the Provincial. 

Even though the original scope of the house has been changed, the house still does some youth ministry in the parish. The priests of the house are available for pastoral ministry in the parish and the nearby communities. The pre-novices are involved in liturgy and youth animation in the parish. 

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