Historical Perspective


Jokbahla parish with a Christian population of 15000 Uraon tribal Catholics spread out in 62 villages in the diocese of now Jashpur, erstwhile Raigarh, was taken up in 1979 under the leadership of Fr. Joe D’Souza. This was the first Salesian House in MP (at present Chattisgarh). Keeping in mind the preferential option for poor youth, the Salesians developed the parish schools and the High School run by the ‘Christian Janata’ having a total strength of about 1000 poor children. Many socio-economic developmental projects too were taken up for the welfare of the rural poor. The F.M.M. Sisters run Primary and Middle Schools and a hostel for girls and also a dispensary.


In 1979, three Salesians reached there and began staying with the diocesan priests. In 1980, the Salesians took over the parish with 62 villages. Later on, the parish was divided, forming two new parishes of Ramsama (which went back to the Diocese) and Jumaikela. The house was canonically erected on 1 September 1987.



Gandhi Smarak Higher Secondary School


The Gandhi Smarak Higher Secondary School in Jokbahla is owned and managed by Christian Janta Society of Jokbahla. After Fr. Johny Padinjareparambil (P.D) took over as the first Salesian Principal of the Higher Secondary School in 1996, the school progressed considerably. In 1999, Science and Commerce streams were introduced to meet the felt needs of the students. A second floor to the High School and a separate auditorium were added. Presently there are around 540 tribal students enrolled in the high school.


Sahayika Middle School


The primary and the middle schools cater to more than 450 poor tribal children from Cl 1 to Cl. 8. Despite the odds, the schools have managed to maintain a high standard in education and results. True to the Salesian charism, there are plenty of co-curricular activities which help the boys to have an integral education.




The aspirantate at Jokbahla has been providing many good vocations to the province and while the whole community is involved in the care of the aspirants, one Salesian is especially in charge of them. An extension to the aspirantate has been constructed to give more facilities for the increasing number of aspirants.


Social Development


Apart from providing education to the students of the area the school has contributed towards the development of the region. As a result of persistent requests from the Salesians, the Government made many culverts on the Banderchuwa – Jokbahla Road. A notable achievement has been the construction of a bridge over the rive Ivi, now known as the “D’Souza Pool”. Besides, there are other development works that have been undertaken by the House:


  • Balwadis
  • Crèches
  • Village Schools
  • Village Development Progammes
  • Tailoring Centre
  • Open School
  • Remedial Classes
  • Evening Study Centres
  • Typing Centre
  • Computer Centre


Salesian Staff

 Br. Aind Sushil                                    Asst & T (2)

Fr. Kujur Hemlet                                   VR, APr, APP, Cs

Br. Lakra Simon                                   Principal GSS, Admin

Fr. Marangattikala Joy (Joseph)       APP, Asst Admin

Cl. Murmu John                                   Asst & Teach

Br. Tigga Anthony                                InC Ap. School, H.Warden

Fr. Topo Vincent                                  Rector (2015), PP

Fr. Xalxo Rajesh                                  HM Pri & Mid School, APP, Cs




Catholic Ashram

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(07764) 200429           Administrator

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