Historical Perspective


Jumaikela Parish was carved out of Jokbahla and Ginabahar parishes of Raigarh diocese, (now Jashpur) in 1989. The parish has 20 villages and a Primary School under its care. The house had a humble beginning under a tinned roof. Soon a building was added for the hostel and other parish activities. In 1998, a 2nd floor was built to the hostel to accommodate more boys. Now, another new building is completed which serves as the hostel for school going boys and the nor-formal technical students. The House is attached to Jokbahala.


The Salesian Sisters run the primary and the higher secondary school. They also have a hostel for girls and a dispensary.




The parish looks after a village primary school. Some of the social outreach programmes include Mobile Women’s Development programme, Agricultural Development through construction of proper irrigation system and periodic organization of health camps. The Centre has also been socially involved in the developmental activities of the people in their rural settings by helping them with water shed projects. The house runs a hostel for the boys. With the coming of new building, plans are in place to make the centre a full- fledged non-formal technical institute which would provide the following courses to the young people of the area:


  • Tailoring
  • Driving & Motor Mechanic
  • Welding
  • Electrician
  • Computer
  • Typing
  • Secretarial Practice
  • Study Centre and Remedial Classes.


[Attached to Jokbahla, No 11]

Diocese of Jashpur

(1989) – St. John Bosco

Parish, Hostel, Vocational Training, Social outreach


Don Bosco - Catholic Ashram

Jumaikela P.O.

Jashpur Dt.


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+91 94 25 57 51 37 P D’Souza Joseph

jainiwas123@gmail.com P James Jainiwas

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Salesian Staff

L Jacob Jeremiah A sst. & Teacher (PT1)

1 P D’Souza Joseph1 Disciples IC (Kunkuri)

P Marangattikala Joseph (Joy) VR , Admin, Hostel,


P Xalxo Rajesh Kanyunt A PP, Eng. Med., Voc.

Tech., Cs

P Jainiwas James Rector (2017), PP

1 Residing at

Don Bosco Centre

C/O Bishop House

Kunkuri – P.O.

Jashpur – Dt


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