Diocese of Khunti
2007 - St. John Bosco
Historical Perspective

The Bishop Khunti, Rt Rev Stephen Tiru, wished the Salesians to start a work in his Diocese and sent an official invitation in May 1998. He invited them to start a Parish at Bichna, which comes under Dorma Parish. He also offered that the Salesian run the R.C. Middle School Angrabari which had its humble start in 1926 in the house of Mr. John Bhengra and rose to be a Middle School by 1958. The main aim was to sustain the pastoral service along with schooling and non-formal education, youth activities and socio-economic empowerment. 
The Province responded to the call and pastoral support from Hesag was offered since 1999. The Province saw to the repair of the School, its furnishing and providing of sanitation. From 2004 there were two Salesians residing in the compound and following up the pastoral needs of the area. The Holy Cross Sisters offered their presence and help in the villages and school. It was recognized as a Salesian presence in 2007 and in 2009 it was raised as a Parish and entrusted to the Salesian Province of Delhi.


Middle School, Parish, Youth work 

The SDB’s and Sisters offer pastoral service to the existing 3000 Catholics, care for the children attending the school and see to the extension of the evangelizing and educational work of the area. The area is rural, tribal and in need of developmental services too. 

[Attached to Don Bosco Hatia - No 26]

Diocese of Khunti,
(2007) - St. John Bosco

Parish, Middle School


St. John Bosco Church Bichna
Khunti Dt., Jharkhand, 835 210

+91 88 89 86 94 54 P Tigga Patrick
+91 91 62 15 98 14 L Kujur Mukul
+91 99 05 30 21 76 P Charles Savariappan P Tigga Patrick P Mukul P Charles Savariappan

Salesian Staff

S Kerketta Hemant A sst. &Teach
P Kujur Mukul S chool IC, APP, Cs
P Savariappan Charles (INM) A dmin, H.Wdn, App
P Tigga Patrick IC ., PP

Community Activity
Don Bosco
Okhla, Jamia Nagar P.O.
P. B. 9705
New Delhi 110025, India

Reception: +91 11 26848229, 26321902
Provincial: +91 11 26332699
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