Don Bosco Kuarmunda


Diocese of Rourkela

1988 – St. John Bosco


Historical Perspective


The inception of Don Bosco Bhavan Kuarmunda goes back to 1988. It is located at a distance of 20 kms from the city of Rourkela. The parish of Kuarmunda was created in 1988. It has eight sub-centres and looks after the spiritual needs of 6,500 Catholics. The parish church was built and dedicated as a shrine of Mary Help of Christians. Rt. Rev Alphonse Bilung declared it as the pilgrim center of the Diocese on 29th Oct 2000.

In 1993 the Don Bosco Vocational Training Institute was opened for boys and girls. It is affiliated to the NCVT and NIOS for the training. There are Hostels, Primary, middle and High schools in the center and four mission primary schools in the sub-centres, catering to the needs of 2700 children and youth from Kuarmunda and other parts of Orissa and neighbouring states.

The Holy Cross sisters collaborate with the Salesians in pastoral work, Schools, VTI and social programmes. They conduct a Hostel for the girls, dispensary and women’s development programme.


The service of the Institution extends to the parish, shrine, vocational training center, primary, middle and high school for the less privileged children, hostel for boys and social out-reach programmes. The institution gives particular attention to the spiritual needs of the people. Particular attention is given to the socially and economically poor and weaker section of the local people.


Diocese of Rourkela

(1988) 1995 – St. John Bosco

Parish, Shrine, Vocational Training Centre, Primary, Middle

& High Schools, Coaching, Hostels, Social Outreach


Don Bosco Bhavan

Kuarmunda P.O., Rourkela

Sundergarh Dt.

Odisha 770 039

(0661) 2111 660 R ector

 +91 99 31 13 12 20 P Soy Noas Vijay

+91 73 81 13 49 98 / 73 77 07 13 32 P Anand / Bursar

+91 80 18 84 07 19 / 94 37 04 83 57 L Sushil

+91 80 93 24 43 75 / 91 78 61 58 79 P Valerian

donboscokuarmunda@gmail.com House

vijaysoy@gmail.com P Rector

sushilkujursdb76@gmail.com L Sushil K.

anandprakashekka @yahoo.com P Anand P. Ekka

toppovalerian@gmail.com P Valerian

Salesian Staff

P Ekka Anand Prakash VR , Admin., APP

P Ekka Simon A PP

L Kujur Sushil Pr V.T.I, Cs

P Lakra Biren A sst.Pr.VTI, APP

P Soy Noas Vijay R ector (2017) HM EMS

P Toppo Valerian HM, H.Wdn, APP, Cs

P Tirkey Pradeep PP, Cs

L Toppo Vimal A sst. &Teach (PTI)

L Lugun Vijay A sst.HWdn.

Community Activity
Don Bosco
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