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Don Bosco Ashalayam (BEADS) is a Lucknow (U.P.) based, non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, social and charitable organization registered under Societies’ Registration Act, 1860. It is a licensed home working with street children, working children, the slum children, the refugees and other marginalized children and youth. In 2003, the work for the street children started in the ‘Strangers Home’, Lucknow. In 2007 a new building was blessed and inaugurated for the rehabilitation of the street children. The building has an accommodation capacity for 50 children with their normal facilities.

            The children are provided with food, shelter, cloths, care, education and vocational training. Today Ashalayam reaches out to more than 1500 neglected children through street contact, residential, vocational and educational (non-formal) programmes.  Along with this rehabilitation programmes, Ashalayam has been striving to restore as many children as possible back to their own families or relatives.

            Ashalayam is managed with donations and contributions from generous people and organizations. Ashalayam (BEADS) is also authorized to receive foreign contribution as per the provisions of FCRA, 1976.



Our Guiding Principles

•   Every human person is in the image of God.

•   Everyone has the right to dignity and respect.

•   Christian values urge us to have an option for the poor and marginalized.

•   Preferential option for young.


Our Vision


Building the dreams and shaping the lives of the young at Risk for a just and humane society.


Our Mission

•   Empower the young at risk to be agents of personal and social transformation through a participatory approach.

•   Provide positive environments that will prevent exploitation and neglect.

•   Accompany the young at risk in their struggle to grow to fullness in freedom and humanness

•   Network with like-minded individuals and groups to provide effective support to the Young at Risk.

•   Advocacy efforts at national and international levels to uphold the rights of the Young at Risk.


Target Group


Our focus is generally on children (in need of care and protection) between 8 to 18 years of age who are at risk on the street and in child labour.


Our Strategies


Station/Street Presence - Weaning - Grooming - Training - Earning - Homing. 



According to its set objectives Ashalayam provides a homely environment suited to the children for their holistic development. Various activities are organized at Ashalayam to achieve this goal. Every aspect of child development is taken care of. Several programmes are systematically integrated in the lives of the children at Ashalayam to facilitate proper physical, intellectual, psychosocial and spiritual development.           


Formal Education

            The first and foremost priority is to provide formal education to these children. As soon as the children come to us we give them NFE (Non-formal Education) classes to prepare them to get admitted into the school.


Counselling Services

            Counselling is a process of interpersonal communication where the person needs support. It helps to understand his or her situation in order to make decisions on how to respond.


Annual Camp

            Every year Ashalayam organizes summer camps for all the inmates. The idea behind these camps is to provide an opportunity to combine learning with fun. The main objectives of these camps are: Personality Building, Social & Self Awareness, Critical & Creative Thinking, Skill Development, Group Building, Training in First Aid/ and Basic Health Care, To enhance psychosocial competence


Sports & Games

            Sports and games form an important part in the daily routine in DBA. Regular sports activities for boys include; basketball, football, volleyball, cricket, yoga, and athletics.


Child Capacity Building Programmes


            Capacity Building or Life Skills Education program is conducted throughout the year. The Trainings are based on effective communication and interpersonal skills, mental and sexual health issues, entrepreneurship development and value education. This has made a great difference in their attitudes and helped to improve their life coping skills.


Children’s Club

            The children’s club offers opportunity for children (13-18yrs) to know more about child rights and to get trained in, citizenship skills, management skills and to help them to become the leaders of tomorrow who would care for the disadvantaged children of the community that they are part of.


Music Classes

            The children are provided opportunities to learn music like harmonium, guitar, dolki, drum-set and triple. Some children have picked up certain instruments and this increases their self-confidence. It keeps them busy, gives opportunity to grow in their talents and use their time qualitatively.




            Kanpur is an industrial city in Uttar Pradesh. It is situated 80 kilometres away from the state capital city of Lucknow. Being an industrial city many run away children land up for their survival, and gradually get into substance abuse, physical and moral abuse in the city. Ashalayam has bought a piece of land in Maharajpur to start a children’s home for these unfortunate children. The home will accommodate 120 children: 60 boys and 60 girls.



            Don Bosco Ashalayam is running a tailoring centre in Kanpur, a three months course for drop out, illiterate and vulnerable girls from the age of 15 and above to give them some skill based training. A house has been taken on rent and teachers are appointed to see to the training. Each batch consists of 25-30 girls. The girls also receive a basic education to read and write. They also are given sessions on Finance Management, Leadership Training, HIV/AIDS, Cleanliness and Self-Confidence etc.


JOIN US        

Come let us join hands to bring smiles to these underprivileged children. Who knows your little help may save a life of a child, bring education to another and save another from going astray. 

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