Creative Catechism Class in the Playground

New Delhi, Okhla, March 12, 2018: The General Regulations of the Society of St. Francis de Sales, Article 11 says: “The Oratory is an educational environment with a strong missionary slant, and open to the boys and young men. It should be organized as a service to the neighbourhood with the object of evangelizing, and offers to individuals and groups the opportunity of developing their own using ways and means appropriate to their different age. The activities should always have an educational scope and should foster a healthy use of spare time.”

A creative Catechism was organized by Fr. Norbert Xalxo, Mr. Sabu, Ms. Susan and Ms. Anju on 11th March 2018 at Don Bosco Technical Institute Okhla playground.

Mr. Sabu, the Salesian Cooperator shared his experience: “Yesterday Susan and myself had a privilege of spending few hours with Fr. Norbert in Don Bosco Okhla as part of the apostolate that we had taken up for this year. I call it a privilege, for it was long since I saw the sight of so many youngsters gathered in a play ground of Don Bosco Institution. Secondly, we got to see Fr. Norbert the Catechist at work in the playground. Fr. Norbert had prepared a Bible quiz in Hindi and it was conducted in a Tambola (Housie) format. The questions were based on the Gospel of St. Mathew. The duration of the programme was about 90 minutes. The hockey players and spectators enthusiastically participated in between the games. Congratulations to Fr. Norbert for the innovative way of catechizing. We admire him for the connection he has with the youngsters and the way he manages such large crowds of almost 130 youngsters single handedly. The Salesian Cooperators collaborate with him and (one activity) thus find fulfillment through their work. We feel happy for every moment spent here.”