Don Bosco Alaknanda- Self review under Adhyayan

New Delhi, Alaknanda, Sept. 17, 2017: Adhayayan Quality Standard (AQS) – Don Bosco School Alaknanda undertook a self review and evaluation program under the aegis of Don Bosco for excellence for Sept. 6 to 14, 2017. The 6 day program include an orientation training where the internal review team were made aware of the review process and the 7 Key performance areas (KPA) – Leadership and Management, Teaching and learning, The Child, Curriculum, Community and partnership, Infrastructure and Resources and Salesian way.

The first day involved training the team of the stakeholders (parents, teachers, alumni, staff and students) They were trained in the method of evidence collection, learning walk, class observation, interview with stakeholders and book look. They were taught how to make a good judgment by observation across the sections, throughout the school and over the year.

On the second and third day, the SSRE (School self review evaluation) team conducted the review and collected evidence across the 7 KPA’s. This was a great learning experience for all the team members involved. Finally after deliberations the team came to a consensus and agreed on a rating for each of the areas mentioned.

The fourth and fifth day saw the External assessing team for Adhyayan collecting and verifying evidences across all parameters which was very professionally done.

On the fifth day there was quality dialogue between the internal and external team of evaluators to come upon a common agreement regarding the grades given in various areas. As the whole school anticipated in bated breath, it was smiles when finally the grade for DBS Alaknanda was declared as “A”

Day six was a day for action plan where the focus areas where the school could improve were identified which included training program for teachers, keeping a check on the transport facilities, assigning challenging work for the students and bringing in norms to improve overall quality in the classroom.

The whole self review program thus helped us realize where we were, where we wanted to go, how to reach our goal, the resources required, when would we reach our destination and how we will know that we have finally reached.


Written by Mr. Mathew, uploaded by Fr. Norbert.