Fancy Dress Competition at Don Bosco School Alaknanda

Delhi, Alaknanda, Feb. 7, 2018: The Annual Fancy Dress Competition for pre-primary was organized on 7th February 2018 in the school auditorium.

The little ones rocked the stage by putting up a great show of multiple characters at the competition. The aim behind this competition was to bring out the sense of reverence and acknowledgement. Through this activity they were sensitive towards the community helpers.

The awards were given away by Fr. Babu Varghese, the rector and principal. The whole programme mesmerized the audience. It was a big success.

(Ms. Ritu Ghosh)


Fancy dress competition for classes 1 & 2

Delhi, Alaknanda, Feb. 8, 2018: The Annual Fancy Dress Competition, one of the much awaited and the most colourful event in the school calendar, was held on 8th February, 2018 in the school auditorium.

206 students of classes 1 and 2 participated in the competition.

Students of class 1 brought to life many ‘Famous Personalities’ from all over the world who have etched their names in the field of sports, entertainment, science and technology. The historical, political leaders and legends of the past showcased India’s rich cultural heritage and glory. The perfection and precision of every character’s attire was indeed praise worthy.

Based on the theme “Gifts of Nature”, participants of class 2, depicted the five elements of nature – fire, water, wind, earth and ether. The creativity exhibited was remarkable. The craft work and materials used to display nature were very inventive and novel.

The honorable judges along with the principal Rev. Fr. Babu Varghese awarded the winners trophies and medals.

 (Ms. Anita Rozario)


Fancy dress competition for classes 3, 4 & 5

Delhi, Alaknanda, Feb. 8, 2018: The fancy dress competition for classes 3, 4, & 5 began with a reflection on these words of Don Bosco “…I am a man who loves joy and therefore want to see everybody happy. If you do as I say, you will be joyful and glad in the heart.” All the students were encouraged to participate joyfully and to do their best.

The theme for the competition for class 3 was “costumes of different countries.” Almost all the students participated in the competition and exhibited the cultural diversities and presented the unique set of costumes packed with symbols and meanings gathered from the world around us.

It was pleasing to see the celebrities from class IV. They came up with personalities-celebrities-who are widely recognized by the people. It was a joyful moments to watch them on the stage.

The theme for class V was ‘Our Heritage and Culture’, and students dress showed the varied diversities of India. It was not just a joyous occasion but it gave the audience a learning experience and a chance to salute the heritage of India.

Each section of class 3, 4 & 5 was awarded with medals and trophies by Fr. Babu Varghese, the principal and other judges.

Adhiray of class V reminded the participants that, “success in life is not for those who run fast but for those who keep running and always on the move.”

Don Bosco Alaknanda is always on the move, ‘ever more and better ever.’

(Ms. Ligy Sebastian)