In-Service Training Programme

New Delhi, Alaknanda, Dec.14, 2017: For an academic institution to flourish it is important that its teachers keep in pace with the changing times. Keeping this in mind An In-Service Training Programme was organised at Don Bosco School, Alaknanda on Thursday, 14th December 2017. Dr. George Kalingan was the guest speaker for the session. He is a well learned man who after completing his P.hd from Michigan University has worked as a Clinical Psychologist. Above all he is a Don Bosco Alumuni. He was felicitated by Father Babu Varghese (the principal), Mrs.Cecilia (teacher representative), Mrs.Suzan (Salesian cooperative) and Mr.Mathew (alumni representative). Dr. Kalingan started the session with pointing out the real aim of education in today’s world. He emphasised on how a teacher not only teaches content but educates children. So the teachers shoulder an important responsibility. He then threw light on the importance of letting the students process the provided information in their own preferred way and assimilate it as knowledge which will prepare them for the world outside. He even gave the Formula to success—KSDB. K stands for knowledge, S stands for skills, D stands for disposition and B stands for behaviour. He emphasised the need to ensure that the body, mind, heart and spirit work in collaboration to achieve success. He also talked about educating the student in a way that would help them to develop and understand their sexuality and self-identity. The session was indeed enriching and thought-provoking. Dr. Kalingan is a wonderful orator and he kept the audience encaptivated with his content knowledge, practical experience and real-life examples. It was indeed a great learning experience for the audience.

By Ms. Soni Richa