Historical Perspective

In 1991, Land was purchased for a Study House for the Aspirants to do their XI & XII and also as a place for the young Salesians to do their college studies. The house was canonically erected on 12 July 1992.

A well-furnished library has been set up with books for both the students and the Salesians. Special care has been taken to get books on Salesiana for the boys. There are playgrounds for the boys to train themselves in.

Services: Aspirantate

The students of class XI & XII attend St. Aloysius or other Schools in the city.

Fr. Rector and his team with great care follow up the development of this aspirantate keeping the `formation of the aspirants’ in all their plans. Even though it is meant to be a full-time formation house, Don Bosco Yuva Sadan has taken up one of the mission stations of the parish for Sunday ministry. The students go to different parishes on Sundays for liturgical participation and animation and youth ministry. Thus they care for their formation and participation in the mission of the local Church.


Don Bosco Yuva Sadan
Mandla Road, Bilheri
Jabalpur 482 020,

Website: www.donboscoyuvasadan.com

+91 89 59 00 98 65 / 77 48 91 27 78 Boys (Sunday)
+91 76 93 81 01 88 R ector
+91 97 17 44 02 52 A dministrator

mpeedikayil@rediffmail.com Rector
sujithsdb@gmail.com A dministrator

Salesian Staff

S Dung Dung Rajesh S t. B.Com. & Asst
S Dung Dung Roshan S t. B.A & Asst
S Duraisamy Jerome Sudeep A sst &Teacher (PT2)
P Kochuparayil Sujit Augustine A dministrator
S Kujur Ranjan Rajeev S t. B.Com. & Asst
S Mallick Prakash S t. B.Com. & Asst
P Minj Anup Dean, Cs
S Minj David Shashi S t. B.Sc. & Asst
P Padamattumel Paul VR , Teacher, Barela
School IC
P Peedikayil Michael R ector (2015)
S Tigga Alok S t. B.A & Asst.
S Tigga Sanjay S t. B. Com & Asst.

Community Activity