Recognition Day At Don Bosco School Alaknanda

Alaknanda, Delhi, July 16, 2017: Recognition day was held on 15th July 2017 at Don Bosco School Alaknanda.

The recognition day boasts of moments that tusk through what real achievement and success is all about.

As the day capered on the 15th July 2017 and the august auditorium got filled by proud teachers, prouder parents and the proudest students,the program began with an auspicious note – lighting of the lamp. It was followed by the principal’s address which kindled in each of the young achievers a strong drive for a noble living.

The academic achievers of each class, one by one, were recognized with glistening trophies, medals and certificates, and all throughout, to keep the young achievers entertained, there were many performances – choral recitation by class six and seven, song by the mellifluous Arijit and by the school band.

The CBSE toppers were recognized for the splendiferous results – a surprising tie in the first position for each of the category of science and commerce separately. It was followed by the much awaited excellence awards that not only rewarded the academic growth of the young minds but also physical, social and mental. The best Bosconian award was given to the versatile former head boy, Rishab Dennis Rodrick.

The icing on the cake this year was the array of awards that were given to the staff.
Mrs. Suman Chopra, Mrs. Margaret Smith and Mrs. Meenakshi Verma were given farewell, their contributions to the school were discussed, a small PPT and a floral goodbye made everyone recognise the importance of their selfless service.

Written by Falak Fatima and uploaded by Fr. Norbert D. Xalxo