Social Development

Historical Perspective

BOSCO – Delhi is the development wing of the Salesian Province of New Delhi. Created in the year 1999, it covers 8 states of North India under its wings.

The Developmental activities of the province were supported and supervised from Calcutta till 1997. By August 1997, BOSCO, the Project Office of the province was set up in New Delhi. Fr. A.M. Jose was appointed the Director. Since the Provincial Office at Okhla was not ready, the Project Office was temporarily based at Nazafgarh. In 200, the office started functioning independently with support of full time staff. And since June 2003, the BOSCO – Delhi office is in operation from its new office at Don Bosco Specialized centre, Okhla New Delhi.

Ever since it was set up, BOSCO has coordinated all the developmental activities of the province. The province has tried to give a new orientation to our involvement in the lives of the people. Through animation of the communities, confreres and collaborators through many participatory strategic Planning (PSP) sessions in different parts of the province, the Development Office has tried to create a new mindset in planning developmental activities in the province.


A Society promoting Justice, Equity and Harmony.


Building capacities of the marginalized youth towards becoming agents of change.

Aims & Objectives General Objectives

  • To assist, promote, channelize, undertaking charitable, social, educational (forma, non-formal) and humanitarian work – irrespective of caste, community, religion, political affiliation or economic status, solely for the holistic & self development of the weaker section of the society.
  • Planning and coordination of all initiatives according to the global strategies of the Salesian Province of New Delhi
  • Capacity building of the local communities and staff.
  • Participatory action research and documentation.
  • Methodological assistance – identification, planning, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects at various target groups.
  • Coordinating and integrating the development process in North Indian States in accordance with the regional strategies and priorities.
  • Resource mobilization
  • Networking with collaborators, funding agencies and other like – minded organizations.
  • Facilitating new initiatives.

 Target Group

  • Youth, unemployed and school dropouts
  • Street Children / Youth at Risk
  • Landless, migrants & Tribals
  • Women


  • Capacity building of the stake holders and target group
  • Education and Skill Training
  • Empowerment through CBOs and People’s organization and participation

 Areas of Intervention

  • Human Development through training and intervention.
  • Access to Basic Education for all children
  • Skill Training and Placement for youth and school drop outs
  • Empowerment of women through skill training, formation of SHGs and community development programmes
  • Housing for economically vulnerable and socially excluded
  • Scholarship & Sponsorship for school going children and poor youth for non-formal vocational training
  • Adult literacy and community development activities
  • Self employment programmes at community level.
  • Street Children (YAR) and refugee’s rehabilitation work in cities.

 Past Endeavours

  • Sponsorship Programme
  • Food Aid Programme
  • Outreach Programmes
  • Establishing / Upgrading non – formal Technical Training Centres
  • Housing Project
  • Community Outreach Programmes
  • Assistance and Care of Youth at risk (YAR)

 Capacity Building and Training Activities

  • Training Programme and workshops
  • TOT Programme for Lay Collaborators, other Religious People and Salesian Confreres
  • Strategic Plan in the field of Socio Economic Development for the Province for the coming next five years.

 Future Dreams

  1. Vocational / Technical Training
    • Expansion and modernization of the existing training centres
    • Making our training centres accessible to the target group
    • Improve the quality of training
    • Creating a curriculum more relevant to the present needs of the market
    • Establishing placement / support cells
    • Life copying skills for trainers
    • Capacity building for the staff to cope with the new training requirements
    • Training in leadership, motivation, class room management
  2. Integrated Village Development
    • Promoting and strengthening community based organizations to sustain growth process in the rural villages.
    • Enabling communities to emerge with awareness – analysis and action towards changing their unjust social order.
    • Formation and follow up of SHGs
    • Concentration on the target group (Youth and Women) to make them self reliant and agents of change.
    • Creating sustainable livelihood opportunities in the communities.
  3. Street children / Youth at risk
    • To reach out to more children at risk through establishing new centers.
    • To make the intervention more comprehensive
    • To improve the infrastructure so as to provide better facilities.
    • Accompanying the youth in their development process
    • De-addiction and care of the children / youth at risk.
    • Providing alternative training and skills for employment.


Director BOSCO – Delhi,

Don Bosco STC, Okhla, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi – 110025, Tel : 011 – 6456 1117,