Swachh Bharatiya Abhiyan by LiveJam

New Delhi, Alaknanda, Dec. 1, 2017: The LiveJam group was welcomed by the principal and rector Fr. Babu Varghese, the principal in the school auditorium amidst senior boys and teachers with thunderous applause.

LiveJam team consisting of 22 members belonging to different nations – USA, Congo, and India shared the same stage for one cause – Swachh Bhartiya Abhiyan.

Their vision very clearly defined is transforming urban youth through music and media. They love working with young passionate minds. One of their main projects now is the movement called Swachh Bhartiya Abhiyan where they emphasize that cleaning the heart comes before cleaning the streets. They conduct tour under this campaign all across the country in big and small schools alike, impacting the mind of the youth with the Gospel message and bringing them closer to God. Prayer is their fuel in this Endeavour.