To Suman Suchadewa with Love

New Delhi, Alaknanda, November 29, 2017: Farewell was given to Mrs. Suman at Don Bosco School Alaknada on November 29, 2017. The 19 years she had spent imparting the right skills and knowledge onto the students, seems like it was yesterday she started her teaching career. Father Babu Varghese, the principal of Don Bosco School Alaknanda asked the teachers to describe her and this is what they said – she is ‘calm, caring, patient, simple, loving, lovable, hardworking, organized, smiling, helpful, exuberant, welcoming, sensitive, warm, amiable, pleasing, strong willed lady, gentle, polite, silent worker, sweet, serene, well spoken, elegant, modest, co-operative, graceful, humble, courteous, courageous, good natured, considerate, dignified, happy, compassionate, wonderful, tranquil and balanced.’


Mrs. Suman Suchadewa expressed her feelings on her farewell – “It has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey with my Don Bosco family. I would have not asked for a better place to spend the 19 precious years of my life. The warmth, love and encouragement received from all the principals, fathers, colleagues and parents have left some great memories for me to cherish all my life. Leaving such an institution was a hard task, but I believe life has to move on. I wish all the very best to the school so that it flourishes ever more.”


Letter from one of her colleagues – “From knowing you as a colleague to discussing our kids and lives together, from knowing you as a strong feisty woman, from those hilarious conversations in the break, room and numerous staff parties, to being each other’s constant support we have come a long way indeed. For me you will always be an inspiration, an amazing strong-brave woman who has always remained unfazed by the challenges life has thrown at you and raised your children all on your own, who, by the way are truly a reflection of you in every way. For me, you will always be the definition of a strong-independent dignified woman, always inspiring others to do more, dream more and become more. You are going to be dearly missed. Sharing every phase of my journey with you has been sheer joy for me, a memorable experience that I am going to cherish for a life time, thanks to you.” (Mrs. Divya Malhotra)