Vocational Guidance Talks by Fr. Bhushan Xalxo

Date: 1 Dec. 2018. At DB Hatia,  Hesag-Ranchi-Jharkhand

Vocational Guidance Talk was given to Don Bosco High School Students. The students were from class 8 to class 10. Fr. Princiapal Nazarius Dung Dung introduced the Vocation Coordinator to the 80 Students both boys and girls. The session was held at the Parish Church. It began with a Hail Mary and an action song, “Happy All the Time”. The theme of the session was, ‘Like Don Bosco’! The session and interaction started at 10 am. At the end the Coordinator collected the names of boys and girls willing to attend the Vocation Camp. 9 boys and 3 girls came up with the names.  And the meeting ended at 12.5 pm with the prayers and Ecclesial Blessing.

Date: 1 Dec. 2018. At DB Kokar, Ranchi-Jharkhand

‘Vocational Guidance Talk’ of 1.30 hours was given to the hostellers of DB Kokar, Ranchi, Jharkhand. The topic was, “God has a plan for you”. Deacon George Topno SDB, introduced the Vocation Coordinator of New Delhi Province to the boys. The numbers of participants were 32. The talk started at 5.30 pm and at 6.30 pm of the session there was a moment of informal interaction and questions done to the Coordinator. One of the questions asked by a class 12 student was, “how many years of formation does it take till the ordination.” In response to it the Vocation Coordinator explained them the different stages of formation for Salesian Brotherhood and Priesthood. The Students also wished to learn a few words of Italian. So the Coordinator taught them the basics for 5 minutes. The meeting ended at 7pm.

Date: 3 Dec. 2018. St. Catherine High School, Aragate, Ranchi-Jharkhand

The Principal of St. Catherine School, Sr. Anne Mary welcomed the Vocation Coordinator to her School at Aragate. The Students were ready for the session and it began at 10 am. The number of the students was 62, from class 8 to class 10. During the 2 hr session and interaction the V. Coordinator warned the Students from entering into ‘wrong track’ and urged them to choose the right path always. It ended at 12.2 pm.