Youth Pastoral

The Provincial Youth Pastoral Team of the Salesian Province of New Delhi consists of the  following members.

  1. Youth Pastoral Delegate – (Fr. Joe Arimpoor)
  2. Coordinator of Education and Culture (Fr. Michael Peedikayil)
  3. Coordinator for Evangelization and Catechesis (Fr. A.U. Thomas)
  4. Coordinator for Vocation Orientation and Guidance (Fr. Bijoy Parackal)
  5. Coordinator for Groups and Movements (Fr. Davis Maniparamben).

This core team had five meetings during the past academic year. Each meeting had a special focus for reflection and study in addition to the regular topics of the agenda. The special themes were

  1. Vocation Discernment Policy (July  2007)
  2. PAL’s Meet (September )
  3. a.)  World Youth Day   b.)  Evangelization & Catechesis (November)
  4. Review of the functioning of the EPCC and SEPP in the communities (February 2008)
  5. Proposals for the coming year to enhance the functioning of Youth Ministry in the Province (May 2008)


  1. The coordination between the Provincial Youth Pastoral Team (PYPT)  and the Provincial Council has to be enhanced.
  2. Planning and functioning of the sub-commissions of the Youth Pastoral and the Youth Pastoral Team. Eg. Study and review of the various themes and issues of the sub commissions and their regular reporting. The results of such studies made available to the Provincial council for better planning of Youth Ministry in the Province.
  3. The communities need further help for forming and setting up of EPCCs and drawing up EPPs.
  4. Vocations to Religious/Priestly/Salesian life to be the fruit of our youth ministry in our various settings of the communities of our province.
  5. Youth Ministry really achieves its goal when every young person discovers and develops his/her “vocation” in life. (a culture of vocation)
  6. To strengthen our YAR settings and our outreach ministries  with adequate Youth Pastoral Planning and ministry.
  7. There is an urgent need for making our Salesian Youth Spirituality available to the young of our settings and the Salesians accompanying the youth in living it out in their daily lives.
  8. We need a new mind set and new initiatives in furthering the idea of Salesian Voluntary Service in our province.
  9. Giving a more specific Salesian slant to our Parish ministry, where we pay greater attention to the Youth and accompany them specially in their Christian growth.

PROPOSALS Based on these insights we have made a few proposals for the coming year.

  1. To assist the local communities in forming and setting up of EPCCs and their effective
  2. To accompany the communities in drawing up the SEPP for the year.
  3. To organize workshops for “Group Growers” to promote Groups in the Province
  4. To organize workshops on “Counselling and Guidance” in view of strengthening this
  5. To organize a seminar on Evangelization both to study the Word of God (Year of the
  6. To conduct a workshop on translating the CBCI – Catholic Education Policy into action


Fr. Davis sdb

Youth Pastoral Delegate